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The members above are all REAL PEOPLE who have recently taken the first step in changing their life for the better. They were brave and plucked up the courage to join us online, without any obligation or commitment. Why not join us today, with NO obligation to pay anything or even to remain a member if you don't wish to?

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You can leave at any time if you want people to stop contacting you. Many of our members leave us as soon as they have found someone new. No credit card or any payment is required to join us and you can start searching our huge database immediately. There is no need to release any personal information or even to upload a photograph if you don't want to. The site is totally safe and secure - other members can only contact you through our Mums with Dads website, so you never need to release your email address or telephone number, (unless you choose to, once you have got to know someone online). Why wait? Life is too short to keep kissing frogs, in the hope of meeting a prince or princess.

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No stigma attached any more - we all meet online now

There is no stigma attached to meeting someone online - everyone does it! Pop stars, celebrities, young people, mature people, silver surfers - we are all meeting each other online now. Blind dates and chance meetings are SO yesterday. Friends Reunited started the trend of chatting online and now Facebook and Twitter are very popular as well. Now you have your very own Mums with Dads chatroom where you can upload your profile, your photographs and even your video profile and start to chat to and meet like-minded single parents in your own area.

Totally safe and secure

Mums with Dads is tested daily and is totally safe and secure to use. See our privacy policy and ownership details. We have nothing to hide or to be ashamed of! Your email address and private details are never released to anyone. You can chat online in total confidence, then arrange to meet up if and when you feel ready. Many people chat for a few weeks first, just to get to know someone before meeting up.

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If nothing else, you will have had an outing, some laughter and hopefully, made a new friend.

Lonely or bored? Join us FREE of charge now - what have you got to lose? - Join us free of charge today and search for a new partner or a friend in your own area Join free here


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